About Us

Valendor started as a supplier of high-end testing equipment for condoms 30 years ago.
Today we can offer a full range of equipment and services for  testing of condom and gloves, including training workshops and turn-key  testing laboratories.

We are currently heavily investing in development and manufacturing of equipment for automatic packaging processes.

We are active with offices and agents worldwide, the central locations of operation are:
Head office in Sweden
Branch office in India
Branch office in Mauritius
Sales office in China
Testing laboratory and training hub in Mauritius
Manufacturing locations in Sweden and India 
Major service hubs in Sweden, India, Mauritius and China  


We will make it possible for our customers:

  •          to run a profitable condom manufacturing plant in a high-labour-cost country -
             by using Valendor’s solutions for automated processes
  •          to establish an accredited, internationally recognized condom testing laboratory anywhere in the world - with equipment, training and
             technical support from Valendor