Accurate Inflation System (AIS)

VALENDOR'S Accurate Inflation System (AIS) is possibly one of the most iconic products for condom testing. With proven Quality, Efficiency and Accuracy we're pleased to present the next step in inflation testing technology, the second generation of AIS. 
With the new upgrades, AIS does not only widely exceeds the requirements of current ISO standards, but are as well equipped for any and all future requirements. As of today, customers all over the world are still using chambers that were installed over 20 years ago. This is a true indicator of what an investment in Valendor branded equipment really means. 
Some of the many advantages of Valendor's AIS system: 
Unmatched innovative software and hardware. 
Flexibility within the system of chambers, choose between 1 – 12+ heads independently. 
Sensors automatically measure and compensates to changes in the external air temperature and atmospheric pressure before each individual test. 
The flow rate of air is accurately controlled by mass flow controllers and can be kept just below the maximum allowed rate, 30 liters/minute 
The testing capacity is market leading thanks to the higher flow-rate made possible by the accuracy of our mass flow controllers and other advanced sensors in each chamber.  This also enables all chambers to work independently for maximum flexibility.