Electric Hole Tester EHT

VALENDOR introduces a Next Generation EHT -  EHT ULTIMATE with Squeeze

Meet our EHT ULTIMATE with Squeeze - the ultimate solution for reliable detection of even the smallest holes in all parts of condoms. 
It is fully compliant with the new standard and gives the user a competitive advantage with reliable hole detection and cost-effective high-speed testing.

 We call it EHT ULTIMATE because we feel it ticks all the boxes:
ü  Reliable, operator independent detection of even the smallest holes in the closed
    end of the condom, including at the tip of the teat.
ü  Easy loading.
ü  Products without a hole are automatically released.
ü  Sensitivity is easily adjustable.
ü  Quick settings for products of different length and filling volume requirements.
ü  Creation of test reports with a push of a button.
ü  Small size (1000x700x1950mm)
ü  Estimated service life 20+ years.
ü  At a speed of 4 sec/condom, the EHT ULTIMATE is faster than any other electrical hole tester, including our
    previous EHT without the squeeze feature.
ü  It can be used by manufacturers with squeeze in both in QC and QA testing, since all holes found in the
    electrical test shall be verified by rolling on absorbent paper. And by third party testing laboratories without
as long the customer specifies ISO 4074:2015 testing (which means that some holes in the closed
    end may not be detected).

In regards of efficiency the EHT ULTIMATE with Squeeze  is unmatched. With an output of  4seconds/condom a single operator can test a batch of 315 condoms in just 20 minutes. 


Water Leakage Tester (WLT)

VALENDOR'S Water Leakage Tester (WLT) is a pneumatically operated tester with revolving plate and height adjustable stand for testing of male- and female condoms as well as gloves.

Filling volumes are adjustable in between 0 – 2000ml and the speed of the rotation of the plate can be adjusted to give the time for hanging as per the relevant ISO standards. The detachable, interchangeable product holders enable the switch  between products in no time.