AIS upgrade with hardware and new software

A full upgrade of existing AIS cabinets with the latest hardware and software.

Some of the advantages of the upgrade.

  • The new system is made “future proof” in order to meet the challenges of the rapid development within the IT sector.
  • The new system enables remote support by Valendor’s technicians.
  • The new system has an auto-tare function for pressure that will ensure the Accuracy of pressure measurement in each individual tests.
  • Each chamber in the new system is equipped with sensors for temperature and atmospheric pressure to ensure accuracy over changing environmental conditions and in laboratories located at higher altitudes.
  • Testing data is saved in real time thus reducing data loss if equipment is switched off or if there is power cut during testing.
  • As the new system can be run on any modern computer the downtime in case of a computer crash will be minimized.
  • Aborted samples are not counted as tested, but registered as aborted in the data file, as stated in ISO standard.
  • Users of the previous systems, who wish to upgrade, will still be able to use the existing chambers by upgrading the software and installing the new hardware needed.