Cartoning Machines
Valendor’s cartoning machines are PLC controlled, servo motor driven,  modern  design balcony type machines.
Valendor’s Cartoning Lines can be designed for different products and combinations per your needs.  

Cartoning Lines for secondary packing of condoms

Valendor’s Cartoning Lines are fully integrated solutions including Product Feeders, Leaflet Folders/Feeders and Overwrappers for high speed operations (70-100 boxes/minute) with quick and easy format changes.

We offer 3 configurations of Cartoning Lines especially designed for secondary packing of condoms.
CSO-3: Cartoner +  Strip Folder + Overwrapper (3 condoms + leaflet in a box)
CMO: Cartoner + Multifeeder + Overwrapper (4/6/8/10/12 condoms + leaflet in a box)
CSMO: Cartoner + Strip Folder +  Multifeeder + Overwrapper (a combination of the above)
It will also be possible to connect the Cartoning Line CSO-3 (with strip folder) directly to Valendor’s FMC-II, resulting in a seamless, highly automated solution for packing of condoms.

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